GoodKarms helps you keep the positivity flowing!

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Spread the positivity in four different ways.

Seek Help

GoodKarms is a network of positive, generous users who want to help each other selflessly. Rather than completing tasks for money, users complete tasks for GoodKarms and a more enriching lifestyle.

Offer Help

Can't find someone to help? GoodKarms makes it simple. Offer assistance based on the areas and the skills you feel comfortable with.

Gratitude Log

Our gratitude log lets you broadcast all the things you’re grateful for. It’s a great way to get inspired and can be used as a virtual journal to extend your gratitude to the Universe.


Feeling a little off, or your energy not where it is supposed to be? Ask our community of generous users to send you positive vibes through our messaging options.

App Screenshots

Take a look at just some of the features GoodKarms offers.

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